First world champion in Chess-transit

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The first match for the title of world champion in Chess-transit among men took place in Moscow (business center "Big Dmitrovka 23) from 17 to 25 December 2018. First champion at Chess-transit became an international master (from 2019 GM) Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Zakhartsov. His opponent, international master (from 2019 grandmaster)  Clement Sychev in the main match played with Zaharovym in a draw, but lost in four additional parties with the truncated control of time.


The rematch was held in March 2019 in Moscow. Vladimir Zakhartsov defended the title of world champion in Chess-transit. As in the match, the opponents played the main match in a draw. In additional "fast" games the champion won.


The games were held in the intellectual club "Aristocracy of mind" (19 Nikulinskaya street, Moscow) and in the center of chess culture and information of the State public scientific and technical library. The organizer was the head of the Center Nikolai Ivanovich Kralin. After the game, an elder of the world chess grandmaster Yuri Lvovich Averbakh, the author of the rules Sergei Anatolyevich Fomintsev and young grandmasters contesting the right to the main title had a conversation. Sergey told Yuri Lvovich about the rules of Chess-transit, Vladimir V. and S. she drew the attention of the Patriarch of the new possibilities in the development of chess with the usage of a game of Chess-transit. Sychev singled out the main feature of the game Chess-transit: unlike other varieties of chess does not change the properties of the figures are not introduced additional figures, is not reduced and does not increase the Board.

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